Our collective experience as government contract lawyers spans over 70 years.  We have practiced in both large and medium-sized law firms. We have counseled well known international and domestic aerospace and defense companies, service companies and government technology companies (both large and small), as well as senior public officials presiding over groundbreaking government acquisition and policy matters.  We have a collective track record that meets or exceeds the credentials offered by other law firms.  The difference is that our collective experience gives us a far better understanding of the industry, its legal complexities and the business needs of the government contractor.

Knowledge and Perspective:

Our law practice focuses on providing business solutions to legal issues.  Our expertise includes not only general legal and business matters related to government procurement, but specifically encompasses government contract compliance, litigation, mergers and acquisitions in the information technology sector, the manufacturing and services sectors and the defense/aerospace sector. We are also affiliated with a number of other highly qualified lawyers who handle matters such as tax, labor and employment, employee benefits and corporate finance issues.  Our advice is practical and applicable to the real world of the government contracts business, simply because we have been intimately involved in it both from a legal and business standpoint.


Dempsey Fontana’s hourly rates are below those charged by large mega-firms as well as other boutique practices.  We pride ourselves on providing superior legal services at reasonable fees, and we can provide flexible alternative billing practices that may be more practical for your particular business circumstances.

Client Service:

Our top priority is client service and communication.  Our business model is founded on providing high quality services and being responsive to your needs.   We appreciate the frustration experienced by a client when an attorney doesn’t promptly return calls, misses deadlines and engages in legal double speak. That is not how we operate.  And whether you are a large public company or a small business, we value you -- the client -- as if you were the only one.