Teaming Agreements and Subcontracting

Dempsey Fontana attorneys regularly counsel clients on legal issues relating to the formation of teaming agreements, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and other related relationships.  Our attorneys analyze and draft agreements between and among government contractors, focusing on key issues such as risk allocation, due diligence, protection of proprietary information, rights in data and intellectual property, work share, funding and payment issues, dispute resolution and affiliation concerns for small businesses.

We have the capability and experience to assist both prime contractors and subcontractors at the outset of a teaming arrangement to ensure that the risks associated with the teaming relationship are identified and mitigated.  Additionally, if a relationship sours or negotiations fail, we help our clients navigate through the disputes process.

We also advise clients regarding the legal form of joint ventures, taking into account the duties the respective venturers are willing to undertake, the liabilities from which they wish to isolate other business operations, how they will share management and operational responsibilities, and what restrictions they are willing to accept.  We additionally assist clients in developing exit strategies from joint ventures and formulate dispute resolution mechanisms that allow them to continue to perform the joint venture’s contracts while resolving disputes.


Our representative matters include:

  • Assisted numerous clients in drafting and negotiating teaming agreements and subcontracts between government contractors.
  • Represented several contractors in lawsuits involving alleged breaches of teaming agreements and subcontracting agreements.
  • Advised clients on enforcement of teaming agreements and subcontracts, as well as on exiting from such arrangements with minimal risk of breach claims.
  • Assisted clients in the transfer and assignment of teaming agreements and subcontracts both individually and as part of a merger and acquisition transaction.