Internal Investigations

Dempsey Fontana has led dozens of investigations for government contractors, ranging from discrete compliance issues to multi-faceted matters under investigation by law enforcement and other Government agencies. Nearly every action a contractor takes can be subject to a government investigation, starting with representations made during the proposal stage all the way to the submission of a final invoice under a contract. The stakes are often very high in these investigations, which can involve mandatory disclosure requirements and the potential for suspension and debarment and parallel civil and criminal proceedings with multiple government agencies.  

Our attorneys help clients respond creatively to issues as they arise and to proactively mitigate potential risks.  We regularly counsel our clients on how to resolve thorny legal issues as early and effectively as possible.  We also work with our clients to create robust and effective compliance program and provide training for contractor employees that is tailored to the particular risks of each business.


Our representative matters include:

  • Conducted internal investigation for research and engineering firm into allegations of mischarging on research and development contracts and reaching a mutually agreeable settlement with the US Attorney conducting the investigation.
  • Counseled GSA Schedule contract holder on potential False Claim Act liability.
  • Conducted numerous internal investigations involving allegations of fraud in time reporting by contractor employees and alleged fraudulent invoicing of labor hours and rates.