False Claims Act

False Claims Act (FCA) enforcement actions have seen massive growth since the FCA was expanded in 1986, and large multi-million dollar judgments against contractors are now a regularly featured in trade publications, the press and Government press releases.  Whistleblowers in qui tam suits have significant monetary incentives to make and profit from False Claims Act allegations and the financial penalties under the FCA can literally destroy a company.

Dempsey Fontana has significant experience investigating and defending False Claims Act matters effectively and efficiently.  Our attorneys seek to work with government attorneys to address and resolve False Claims Act investigations before they become the subject of litigation. 


Our representative matters include:

  • Conducted internal investigation for research and engineering firm into allegations of mischarging on research and development contracts and reaching a mutually agreeable settlement with the US Attorney conducting the investigation.
  • Counseled GSA Schedule contract holder on potential False Claim Act liability.
  • Advised large information technology provider on Government investigation of FCA violations as well as qui tam action filed against the company.