Data Rights and Intellectual Property

Dempsey Fontana's attorneys are experts on the unique rules and contract clauses applicable to government contractors and the protection of their data and intellectual property rights.  We understand that companies must rigorously protect rights in their advanced technology and computer software to maintain a competitive advantage.  This is particularly true for any company that does business at the prime contract, subcontract, or grant level with the federal government because the government often seeks to obtain broad rights when a contractor’s intellectual property is developed, conceived or reduced to practice.   

Contractors doing business with the government face unique challenges in obtaining, protecting and capitalizing on their intellectual property.  A variety of regulatory schemes govern the allocation of rights in inventions and data depending on the nature of the contract and the government customer in question.  We routinely counsel clients on protecting their intellectual property and understanding the government’s rights in technical data and computer software. 

Proven Track Record

Representative experience includes:

  • Advised clients on the government’s rights in technical data and computer software as specified in RFPs and subcontracts and providing strategies to help contractors maximize the protection of their intellectual property rights when doing business with the federal government.
  • Trained contractor employees on the unique rules governing data rights, patents, software and other applicable rules and regulations.

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