Organizational and Personal Conflicts of Interest

Organizational conflicts of interest (OCI) arise when a government contractor's work on one contract gives the contractor an unfair advantage in competing for another contract or when such work would impair the objectivity of the contractor's advice to the government.  Dempsey Fontana is experienced in guiding clients through OCI issues, both in spotting and avoiding OCIs before they occur and in mitigating the impact of OCIs after they have been discovered.  Our attorneys also counsel clients in connection with solicitation specific conflict of interest issues.

We also advise clients on the restrictions and limitations applicable to hiring former government employees (i.e., “revolving door issues”), as well as compliance with federal anti-bribery and anti-gratuities laws and regulations. 

Our attorneys also litigate issues in bid protests that involve alleged OCIs and personal conflicts of interest.


Our representative matters include:

  • Representing a large service contractor in a bid protest that was sustained due to OCI issues.
  • Counselled numerous clients on designing and creating OCI avoidance and mitigation plans as part of a proposal.
  • Created OCI policies, procedures and training programs for numerous government contractors.