fontana lawOur business is not just the law, but also understanding the business of the client and the competitive environment in which it operates.  Our purpose is not to just give prompt and efficient legal advice, but also to provide cutting-edge legal services that are practical and appropriate to the client’s particular operations. We strive to practice preventive law, being always proactive to achieve early solutions before small problems become big ones, and aggressive when appropriate to assure the client its full rights in a given matter.

Equally important is our commitment to provide these quality legal services at reasonable fees.  Our fees are not limited to hourly billing and can include more creative billing structures such as fixed fees, incentive fees and other hybrid fee arrangements depending on the matter and your budgetary needs. Either way, our services match or exceed those offered by large, downtown “mega-firms”, but without the often enormously high costs that typically go with them.

As seasoned veterans of government contracts law and keenly aware of its special challenges, we can assure you first class representation not only from a legal perspective but also from a practical business perspective.

Please explore our website and contact us to learn how Dempsey Fontana, PLLC can assist you in your company’s growth and success.

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